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I provide psychotherapy for individual adults. My style is engaged, interactive, and collaborative. Research consistently shows that a successful therapy is based on a solid relationship between client and therapist. A warm, respectful connection helps ease the difficulty of discussing whatever you may be facing and allows you greater access to the strengths you already have. Working to establish this connection is my first priority. 


My orientation is integrative, blending approaches that I have studied for more than three decades. I am deeply dedicated to learning and integrating new thinking and practices, and equally dedicated to being as attuned to the unique aspects of each individual as I can be. 

My Approach

You might be struggling with depression, a history of trauma, and/or anxiety. Or you may find yourself repeating self-defeating patterns in work or relationships. You may be going through a difficult transition; or you may be content, confident and capable in some areas of your life but find these strengths inaccessible in other areas.

If you are stuck, you may be mystified about why. Or you may have an intellectual understanding of the source of your problems yet find change elusive. Therapy can help you learn to sift through conflicting, confusing, or overwhelming experiences and identify those innate signals that can help guide you toward a more fulfilling life.










Why Psychotherapy?

Thank you for stopping by my website. I hope this will give you some idea of my style and practice of doing psychotherapy and whether I may be of help to you. Please click on the links above for more detailed information about my practice.


I am meeting almost exclusively via Zoom, although I will very occasionally meet in person in my office in San Francisco on Church Street across from the Market Street Safeway.


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